Monday, August 6, 2012

"Learning is Tweet" Monday Made-It

    At the end of almost all of our professional development sessions, we do some kind of individual exit slip to have a chance to reflect and share what we learned, what we're still wondering, etc.  I've been thinking for a while about how I could do something like this for my second graders to hold them accountable.  I've played around with the idea of having it be a part of our end of the day closing circle activities or doing it at the end of a subject (math, writer's workshop, etc.)  So, earlier this summer I saw this picture on Pinterest and really liked the idea of having some kind of visual where kids could leave a sticky note as an exit slip.

    I have also seen another cute one with the heading "Tracking our Thinking" with a paw cutout for each student, but I can't find the source or picture again.

   So, I decided to make a chart that could be used for all subjects where I could give kids different directions for what to write about on a sticky note.  That way, I'll be able to go back later when I have time to see where each student is at in his/her thinking.

   Here's my version of an exit slip chart entitled, "Learning is Tweet."  Get it? ;)

Exit slip chart


    I will add numbers to it still so I can assign each student a number and they'll know where to put their sticky notes.  I know that the birds are not the exact size of the sticky notes like the picture from Pinterest, but I'm ok with that.  I made mine with 36 birds because that is how many second graders I will be teaching for math.  The rest of the day I will just have my 26 kids from my own class.

   To make the chart, I used the bird pattern I had left from the Faith, Hope, Love canvas I made (see that post here).  I traced the bird onto the back of 2 sheets of scrapbook paper that I chose.

   I don't have a Cameo Silhouette, so I cut them all out by hand. Then, I started at the bottom of the poster board and marked off every four inches until I had six rows (24 inches from bottom).  I made really light lines with a pencil horizontally across for each row so I could line up the bird fairly straight. Then, I glued them down with a glue stick.  

   Finally, I chose a fun font and printed out the letters.  Again, no Cameo :( so I cut them out by hand and glued them down.

   I think I will use stickers to add the numbers.

   For home, I made my hubby a sweet anniversary card for our 2nd anniversary tomorrow!! :)  I was also inspired by Pinterest for this...surprise, surprise.

Pinterest version...

My version...

Here's a few of my favorite wedding pics.

Happy Monday!  I'm linking up to Tara's Monday Made-It Linky over at Fourth Grade Frolics!


  1. What a stunning bride you are! I am heading up to 27 years marriage in a few weeks and have never thought to count the days - might 'borrow' this idea of yours if you don't mind. Will just have to dust the old calculator off to add up the days...

  2. I love how you took the track your thinking and made it your own! Lovely card and beautiful picture!

  3. Love your exit slip board! Looks great!

    Success in Second Grade
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  4. First off I LOVE LOVE LOVE that last picture you posted from your wedding. HOW beautiful!!! Second what an amazing card to give to hubby! Love that idea :)

    Reaching for the TOP!

  5. I love your exit slip board! And that anniversary idea is just precious :D

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings