Thursday, July 12, 2012

Songs for Shared Reading and a Freebie

Every year I do some variation of a poetry or song book for word work with my students.  I use a lot of song lyrics or poems that we turn into songs for shared reading.  I write them on chart paper, add some drawings, and laminate them.  We read/sing them together during word work.  I usually follow this routine:  On Monday, I read/sing it aloud the first time, then I use a pointer and ask kids to join me.  The third read-through I call on a student to come use the pointer and lead the class as we read/sing altogether.

We usually re-visit the poem each day for a week incorporating different activities such as: highlighting rhyming words with highlight tape, looking for words in a certain word family, circling sight words, searching for words with certain spelling patterns (i.e. consonant-vowel-consonant words), tuning into interesting words and figuring out meaning together, etc.

Either on Tuesday or Wednesday, I hand out a copy of the poem/lyrics to each student that is already 3-hole punched.  They illustrate it and add it to their song book.  I usually just use the 10-cent 3-prong folders you can get when all of the school supplies are on sale.  I like to give every student the same color folder so it's easy to find and I can just say, "Get out your green song book" and everyone knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Here is a cover I made for their song books.  You can get your free copy by clicking on the picture below.

One of my favorite songs to use for working on digraphs and blends is Zip-ah-dee Doo Dah.  First I just teach them the song as normal.  Then, I show them a card with a blend or digraph and we replace the beginning sounds in the words with that blend.  For example, if we are working on /th/ as in think, we sing,
Thip-ah-dee Thoo Than, Thip-ah-dee Aye
My oh my what a wonderful day,
Plenty of sunshine coming my way,
Thip-ah-dee Thoo Than, Thip-ah-dee Aye
and so on...

The kids love it!  They always ask me if we can sing that song and pick a card to change the sounds.
I give them a copy of the lyrics so they can do this activity individually at word work during Daily Five.  Click here for a copy of the song lyrics to print.

How do you use songs with your students?

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  1. Love to sing in my class.We do the days of the week to the tune from the Addams Family. The kids love it! Actually I have been known just to make up a song on the spur of the moment! I am now a follower.


    2nd Grade Pig Pen